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Friday, August 20, 2010

Brand Profile: Tighte Whities by Brand Dave

Two years ago artist and designer Dave Peterson launched, a website featuring his original screen prints and t-shirts. In summer 2010 he decided to add men's underwear to the mix, and was born. The idea is to embellish basic men's underwear, like briefs, by adding graphics that are funny, cool, and stylish. Something different from the other underwear out there! All the briefs and t's on the site are custom made using American Apparel blanks, and are easily customizable.

Underwear is sexy, so Dave wanted the site to be sexy too! On his site you can see the model slipping in and out of each pair on the main page and the gallery (caution, there is some nudity on his site so it is NSFW). 

Dave's designs are fun, fresh and cheeky.  In fact, you might even say they're a little cocky. With fun, strategically placed sayings like "You know the Drill", "Tastes Great", and "Mr. Happy".  These Tightewhities from branddave will bring new life to your underpants and they're reasonably priced at $10 - $14 so they will keep your wallet happy as well. 

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Anonymous said...

the kid that is in and out of the underwear what a cutie and got nice body and package