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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Gear from BumChums

Back in December I briefly mentioned one of my favorite new brands Bum-Chums in my holiday gift guide.  Today I'd like to spend a little time to tell you a bit more about the brand and some of their new collections.  Bum-Chums is a British company, but recently they have exploded across the pond to the United States as well as Australia and Europe. Perhaps one of the most unusual but key aspects of the Bum-Chums brand is the location of manufacture; Bum-Chums manufacture all their high quality products in Yorkshire, England, and can therefore truly claim to be a wholly British brand, a fact not lost on the company’s founders Craig Hendry and Gareth Dickinson, who consider the British origin of their underwear to be an intrinsic part of the brand, so much so that the Union Jack is proudly prominent on all their product labels!

Bum-Chums undies come in a number of lines and styles: there is the celestial line, which features metallic fabrics; there is the fruity line, which features bright colors; the sneak peek is just like it sounds, a sneak peek through mesh fabric; and the classic collection is basic colors. 

In the past couple weeks Bum-Chums has launched two new lines: In2Cooler and Tool Belt.  The Tool Belt is my favorite of the two.  It comes in three colors: red, blue, and white.  The pouch is made from a solid fabric in this color while the back is made from black mesh that connects to the pouch in the back as well as in a unique manner across the front (see images).  This style is very unique; I haven't seen anything like it elsewhere.  And it's just so damn sexy too (not to mention comfy).  It retails for £18 (~$27 USD).  

If you're looking for something that is stylish and sexy while still allowing you to be comfortable, I highly recommend you try some Bum-Chums gear.  I've had the chance to try a lot of their collection and so far I love it all.  Stay tuned for a full review of one of their products coming soon! 

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