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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Out With the Old, in With the New

Today has been a productive day at my house: I have put together a shelf to store my DVDs that have remained in packing boxes since I moved to my house in July; I have almost completely taken down and stored away all of my Christmas decorations; I have cleaned my house; and most importantly I have organized my underwear drawer!

Drawer before organization
For those of you who have been following my posts since I began my internship, you will remember what my underwear drawer looked like back in October. For those of you who either haven't been following my posts or for those of you who can't remember what it  looked like, here is the picture that I took of it for your viewing pleasure. If you find yourself struggling to see an organizational pattern, don't fret. At this point, my underwear drawer organizational system was as follows: in the back left of the drawer are (I'm ashamed to say) the cheap Hanes/Fruit of the Loom briefs and boxer briefs; next to them, in the back right of the drawer, are the nicer, more desirable trunks; in the front left are the thongs, jocks, and bikinis; and lastly, in the front right, are the nicer briefs and some more trunks. While the system worked for me, I was still not completely happy with it. Especially after seeing how nice UMan's drawers are arranged, I began to question my system.  (For those of you who haven't seen his drawer, it's impressive!) Also, U<an continued to harp on the ridiculous amount of Hanes/Fruit of the Looms in the collection. 

Undies to throw out.
And that leads me to today. I've finally parted with (most of) those dreaded Hanes/Fruit of the Looms and am proud to show you my bag of them that I'm gladly parting with. There are approximately 20 pairs of briefs and boxer briefs in this bag. I was fully prepared to throw them away, until UMan suggested I try to sell them on Naughty Bids. So, for all of you who would like a piece of the Georgia Dude collection, let me know and I'll be sure to list them on there for you ;-). (My apologies for that shameless plug. But hey, I'm a recent graduate with an underwear obsession and credit cards and student loans to pay off. Every little bit helps!)

Over the holidays, I spent a majority of my time at my parents' house. That's right, a 20-something male spent his time off at his parents' house. (Obviously I'm single and have nothing going on in my life). During that time, I made several trips to Wal-Mart (the only form of entertainment in a small Georgia town). Ever the organizer (mixed with obsessive-compulsive tendencies), I ventured back to the home/office organizers section.  And that led me to the canvas boxes that have become such a popular tool in home organizing.  For only $1.97 a piece, I couldn't complain and knew I'd find a good use for them. Little did I know how good of a use I would find for them. In my time of unpacking from my visit home and cleaning the house of the Christmas decorations, I realized that the canvas boxes would fit perfectly in my dresser drawers, which led me to cleaning out and going through my clothes, especially the undies. 

Drawer after organization
So there you have it. I used 5 canvas totes for the underwear drawer (and 2 for my ties drawer and 1 for my dress socks and belts - as I said, very useful).  I have dedicated a canvas box for each style of underwear in my collection:  briefs; trunks; bikinis; thongs/jockstraps; and those few remaining Hanes that will only be used for camping and other outdoors activities where I would be concerned with ruining a good pair of undies. Who knows if this system will stick, especially as the collection grows and the canvas totes are no longer enough to contain it (a day that I welcome with open... pants?) 

I welcome any comments on my progress in my ongoing endeavor to have an impressive and brag-worthy collection and in my attempts at organization of one of my favorite things. And I hope that this post inspires some of you to clean out those drawers and get your life more organized. Happy 2013 everyone! Let's make this year one for the books!

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Anonymous said...

I would keep at least two of the old FTL/Haines for a situation where I had to be undressed, such as a conservative gym, ER or doctor's office. Unless you live in a city such as New York, people do notice and talk. For normal wear I use CKU and Armani, but in my ultra-conservative doctor's office (as a patient), it wouldn't go over. But times are changing.

UMan said...

If your doctor is seriously talking to others about your underwear preferences then he doesn't have enough to do with his time. Not to mention that's a brief of confidentiality.

Anonymous said...

You definitely need one of those new Garcon Model! Classic and sexy at the same time and super comfy! The best IMO.

Lindon said...

Great post - really made me realise I have to do a serious organisation of my underwear.
Has got to a point where I'm storing in boxes in side of room, but inspired by this, have just ordered a set of drawers with 7 layers, so am hoping I can get them all organised here.
Any thoughts on ordering? Going through things, have a mix but v weighted towards jockstraps and strings,so could easily use one shelf, if not more for each of these.
Keep up good work.