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Friday, August 30, 2013

Brief Boys Review Mack Weldon Brief

Mack Weldon Brief
Avg. $19.50 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the Mack Weldon Brief, a pair of “smart underwear for smart guys.”

Mitchell: After I figured out how to get these on, I didn’t want to take them off.

Patton: There is that first step, though – they are kind of baffling when you first look at them. The trick is finding the little tab with the Weldon logo, right next to the fly. The W faces out. Otherwise, it’s really easy to put these on inside-out. I’ve worn them to the gym a couple times and feel a little sheepish, standing there trying to decipher my underwear.

M: I don’t think anybody minds.

P: I do.

M: Well, nobody else. But seriously, there’s really no other way you can go wrong with this brief. They’re one of the most comfortable pairs I’ve worn in years, and are very stylish. Mack Weldon pride themselves on their “fusion between old-school quality and modern day technology,” and they have every right.

P: Definitely. The fabric is a jersey made from cotton, Modal, and Lycra – an antimicrobial blend that’s incredibly soft and manages moisture extremely well. I normally wear them around the house, at the office, whatever, but I also wore them hiking once, and they’re not a bad substitute for higher-performing athletic briefs.

M: I agree. Also – you know I have a waistband thing – I’ve never encountered such a comfortable, nonintrusive waistband. Just the right amount of stretch without any of the usual scratchiness. The sizing label is printed on the fabric itself, on the outside. My only concern is that, over time, the waistband could warp and/or lose its elasticity.

P: I don’t know… they seem like they’re pretty well engineered. But only time will tell, I guess.

M: I’m not arguing that at all – these are very well made. I just, you know, wonder. Can a pair of underwear be perfect?

P: No pair is perfect, but these are pretty close. Mack Weldon put a lot of love into these briefs. They’re meticulously designed, extremely well-made, and – you can tell – will fit almost any guy. They even have a dart at the base of the crotch which gives a little more of a pouch shape than conventional fry-front briefs.

M: I did wonder what they’d come up with if they tried to make a brief with an actual structured pouch. With all the skill and energy that went into this pair, they might actually create the perfect pair of men’s briefs.

P: Only if they added a “this side out” label right across the butt, just to prevent confusion.

M: Until someone else wonders what “this side out” means…

P: All they have to do is ask.

 FIT /  Excellent
 COMFORT /  Good
 STYLE /  Excellent
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Excellent

 BOTTOM LINE /  Superbly crafted with attention to detail you only get from master clothiers.

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