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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fruit Of The Loom Gets Social!

According to advertising blog PSFK, underwear giant Fruit of the Loom is launching a new social media campaign.  The campaign is hyper interactive and looks to refresh the perception of the brand by getting in your pants again.  

Fruit of the Loom is teaming up with social media site LinkedIn to give new undies to people who recently started a new job according to their profile.  The promotion is dubbed "Fresh Gigs" and is part of their "Start Happy" campaign.  The idea is that with a fresh new job, people can use fresh new clothes (especially underwear) to go with it.  PSFK reports eligible LinkedIn members will receive a message and have the option to choose their size and favorite style.  The free undies will then arrive after a couple weeks with a coupon to go and get more FTL undies.  The New York Times reports that the campaign will be offered to 5,000 LinkedIn users a week for five weeks.  And of course they are encouraging people to get super social with their new undies by tweeting using the hashtag #StartHappy.

I just switched up my day job recently, so I'm hoping I'll be offered a pair.  Let us know if you do receive an offer from Fruit of the Loom, we'd love to learn more about it!

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What are your thoughts on this campaign?  Would you share your underwear choices on social media? Does this campaign change your perception of Fruit of the Loom?

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