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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fruit of the Loom Debuts New Commercial

Major underwear manufacturer Fruit of the Loom (FTL) has debuted a new, mainstream commercial featuring their new "no-ride-up" boxerbriefs. While I don't know about the quality of these undies (I have a feeling they still have that bargain brand feel), I do like the quality of the commercial. What a fun concept, and they really took it there with all the puns. I also appreciate that FTL is finally letting guys run around in their undies (instead of those damn fruit costumes) to market their product.

What are your thoughts?

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John said...

I think it's a good direction to go in advertising men's underwear, but it would be a great leap forward if they actually showed any of them wearing briefs. It's such a shame they won't step that far forward. Fingers crossed this campaign gets great results and they are brave enough to take the next step.