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Monday, April 11, 2016

The MTV Awards was Bulge-tastic!

Did you watch the MTV Movie Awards last night? If you didn't, you missed out on some bulge-tastic moments. But don't worry, we have it all here for you:

Alexander Skarsgard went without pants when presenting alongside Samuel L. Jackson last night, boldly displaying his bulge in a pair of white briefs. The reason? Skarsgard plays Tarzan in the upcoming film, so he had to show a little skin. Besides, he considered going shirtless but Zac Efron did that two years ago.  Skarsgard said of going pantsless, “it’s just as sexy, but a little bit classier and – dare I say – more sophisticated. No offense, Mr. Efron.”

Not to be outdone, The Rock deserves an honorable mention for his bulge in his Superman costume last night that left Kevin Hart speechless - literally. 

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