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Thursday, July 07, 2005


I didn't join a frat when I went to college. The idea that you had to conform to a norm set by others before you who just wants to humiliate you didn't appeal to me. I did for a short moment in time, for about a week, considered joining a military academy, the Citadel of all places.

Coming across these underwear brought to mind thoughts of fraternity and what it was like to be part of a team, for me it was a Fencing team. It would have been pretty damn cool for my team to have our team badge on one of these jocks. For guys who are associated with army, navy, police, or FD, they can wear one of these proudly. The emblems and patches are somewhat generic but distinctly identifiable with their fraternity. The colors offered are quite nice. I secretly would like to be a part of the armed services just for the priviledge of wearing one. These aren't officially part of any uniform, so those of you who are secretly pinning to be in the club can play the role.

If you are just into the fashion, these CCCP logo'd ones are fab, and soon to be collectibles. ...maybe not.


Unknown said...

I only wish I had the type of body it would take to wear these things

Anonymous said...

Great visuals and fun blog.