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Friday, August 19, 2005

Think Pink!

The in thing in men's fashion for a while has been the color pink. It's very hot and stylish right now. Just when I thought it couldn't go anywhere else it did. Now pink has expanded to everywhere in a man's wardrobe, even down to his underpants. Aussiebum just unleashed their new color of briefs, pink. Aussiebum has been a cutting-edge brand in men's underwear for a while and now they have gone and shown the world that pink undies is not just for little girls anymore. Click here for purchasing info (I hope the link works).

The only question left now is are you man enough to wear them?


Anonymous said...

Surfed in through Blog Explosion, and this is the best blog ever! LOVE the pink underpants!

Anonymous said...

I think the pink Aussi bum underwear is SEXY!

Anonymous said...

Pink Aussie's are pretty cute, I have some baby blue ones. Hate the big red logo on the waist band though. it's just too much. (buyer beware too they're cut very small) American Apparel hs same style with about 20 colors all with white trim and NOTHING on the waist band. Amazing color selection. They're the best. Note to webmater here - add American Apparel to your links.

What's up with Jockey, they started this whole contrasting trim thing way bak in the 70's 80's and have failed to reissue their classic "life" contrasting briefs. They're out to lunch at Jockey.

Anonymous said...

Estupendo: una verdadera bomba sexual!

Anonymous said...

Mi name is Bruno. I am brazilian and going to New York in january.
Somebody knows in wich stores in Manhattan can I fin Aussiebum?
And where I can find "Unico" underwear?
Thanks a lot!