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Sunday, September 25, 2005

I've got pockets in my underpants!

That's right. I got pockets in my underpants and you can too. These seriously are real underpants, they are not really tight pants. I repeat these are real underpants. I saw these and I thought they were pretty cool so I just couldn't resist blogging about them. These sweet manties with pockets are made by a japanese men's clothing company called TOOT. TOOT makes tons of cool and unique clothes for guys, including these boxerbriefs with pockets. These boxerbriefs run around $30 bucks US (at current conversion) and can be found here. I just thought these were pretty cool so I decided to share them. I don't think the pockets could really be too useful but they make a cool statement. They are shown in grey but they also come in charcoal. I like the grey one the best because of the contrast between the navy and grey and the red waistband. These undies have no fly. Below are some other views. As you can see from the front they look like pretty normal undies but once your friends see the back they will always think of you as one of the most fashionable people around.

Side View

Back View

Frontal View

Question of the Day:
Would you use pockets in your underwear or would you just have them as a fashion statement? If you'd use them what would you use them for?


Anonymous said...

yeah, pretty sure that it looks cool, but not very practical....I doubt I would use the pockets but I would sure wear em anyway!

Anonymous said...

Condoms !

Anonymous said...

Pur-r-rfect! Two pockets, two for him and one for
me. Any pics of young Japanese
models wearing them??

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I was thinking condoms too, but it would be cooler if the pockets wear in the front area. I'm pretty sure those pocket can come in handy for something else sometime.

Anonymous said...
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