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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Do you have any underwear photos....

to share?? If you do then why not send them to me (no nudity please) with the subject line of 'photo for gallery'. My e-mail is underwearblog -at- If you send them to me I will pick my favorite and feature them in the sidebar gallery instead of the current clipart. Also if they are really great I might feature them in a post and talk a bit about the style you're wearing.
*No nudity
*Must show men's underwear
*Photo must be taken by you
*Must have permission of person shown in photo to submit photo
*Decent resolution
*Subject line "photo for gallery"
If you know the style of underwear shown please include that
Also if you would like include a nickname you'd like to be known as (otherwise anonymous) and you can give an age and location if you want as well


Have fun, I'm looking forward to seeing your submissions.


Anonymous said...

This is a great blog. I would like to know if some underwear company ever try to sell or make a "sew in underwear" where the everyday pants were have the underwear in place? You were all have to put on one item and not two items. Do you think this could be made by a tailor?

Anonymous said...

Hey chef. Glad you like the blog. I don't think that any company has tried to do that (or at least not on a wide-scale that anyone would hear about). But this could definitely be done by a tailor or you could probably do it easily yourself. It would be kind of like swimming trunks with the meshy brief-like lining.

UPDATE ON PHOTOS: I've received a few photos, hopefully more will be coming soon. Thanks to those of you who sent some.

yo said...

please it includes this direction

Anonymous said...

Can are you going to publish those photos?

Anonymous said...

Good question. I will publish them as soon as I get enough to publish. So far I have gotten very few of them.