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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tutti Fruitti

I am back from my trip and I will blog about the undies I saw at a later date. But right now I am want to tell you about some really sexy undies from Aussiebum. They have been around for a while but I just found them now. The line is called Tutti Fruitti. What they are is bright colors with a floral print. And yet Aussiebum has still managed to make them look masculine despite the feminine touches. I think they look really sexy if just the waistband and a bit of the print is showing (like the photo above). But they also look great completely revealed (below). These Volcanic Hipsters only cost $22 US here. They also come in brief style and long leg style (which is like a boxerbrief). The costs are different for the other styles. And of course they come in many other fruity colors. Get some of these. They are perfect for summer. And you could probably pass them off as a swim suit if you didn't have one handy.

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