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Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Brand: teamm8

I'd first like to thank our guest blogger Nick M. from Michigan for finding this new brand. Teamm8 (pronounced "teammate") is a new brand of underwear hailing from Australia. Michal Nicholas, the creator of teamm8, is a Sydney-born singer-songwriter who has worked hard to build his successful dance music career and is now wanting to work in the men's fashion world.

teamm8 undies are sports classic with a fashionista twist inspired by Aussie sporting values of "mateship" and gritty determination fused with European flair. The design is easy and simple and is perfect for all occasions. They are available in two styles: Y-front brief and Y-front trunk. They come in three colors: black, white, and red. They also have a line of briefs called "The Nations" where you can get a pair in support of your favorite team (as long as it's Australia, Great Britain, or the USA). I personally think that these would be perfect wear during the upcoming Olympics in Beijing (they start August 8th); you can show your support of your favorite team while still wearing the appropriate apparel for whatever you may be doing.

Teamm8's creator Michal Nicolas sums up the brand best:
“Busy achievers with their eye on the ball, want easy, fashion options they can rely on to look good all day, everyday – no matter what life throws at them. My vision with teamm8 was to make designer undies accessible and versatile, so you can look great all the time, whether you’re playing sports, at work, or on a date”.
Teamm8 underwear is priced between ~$24 - ~$27 USD. So be sure to check out their store today and support your favorite teamm8!

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