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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Politics in your pants

With the recent nomination of democrat Barack Obama, underwear manufacturer Andrew Christian has decided to take politics to a new level with special edition Obama underwear. The underwear is boxerbrief style with Obama's image on the right leg and 08 on the butt. They come in three colors (kelly green, navy blue, and royal blue[shown]) and are available for $29 online. Andrew Christian will contribute a portion of each sale to Obama's campaign. Want McCain underwear? Andrew Christian is a proud democrat, and besides, he doesn't think anyone would want to wear underwear with McCain's face on it.

We want to hear your take on the upcoming presidential campaign. Would you like to wear underwear in support of your favorite candidate, would you like McCain underwear? Tell us all about it in a comment.


cedarpointfan said...


No Libertarian love.

Oh well, lol

Daisy said...

Ha! Liberal love would be nice too.