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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sinuously, Though - A Review

WARNING! This review uses blatant, ethnocentric generalizations Americans have of Australia. Be warned! No actual Australians were harmed in writing this review.

So, I visited Australia about a year ago. Before I left I made a list of “must do” items. 1. Hug a koala (check!), 2. Put something on a “barbie” (check!), 3. Go to one of those surf carnivals where all the crazy hot Australian men hike up their Speedos (sadly, no check). Though I did not accomplish everything I wanted to during my trip to the southern hemisphere, I left feeling edified (and with a suitcase full of underwear).

One of the first things I learned during my time in Australia is that the lovely men of that country can generally be categorized in two ways:

1. Hot
2. Hella hot!!!

So, I guess you’re wondering why I’m blah-blah-blahing about Australia when you really just want to read a review of the sinuous low rise bikini brief. Well, besides the fact that the garment I’m reviewing is designed and made there, the sinuous brief is the embodiment of everything that is awesome about Australia.

Obviously is an Australian brand that came into being in 2007 and with its founding, it brought forth an underwear reformation, one where comfort was paramount. Their well constructed garments personify the laid back attitude of the austral continent and its hysterically hot inhabitants. Simply put, the super comfortable, super sexy, sinuous low rise bikini brief is underwear at its very best. There's truth to the company's claim to being the most comfortable underwear in the world.

More about the briefs themselves: they’re eye catching and will surely warrant second looks or follow up questions to anyone who “accidentally” happen to see the flash of apple green. There’s also a rather cool looking design element in the back of the garment, reminiscent of a tribal tattoo-very timely and contemporary, and best of all sparing (not frenetically psycho like other tattoo inspired brands, *cough* ed hardy *cough*).

The shape of the briefs are less what we North Americans call a bikini brief, but more along the lines of what we think of as string bikinis, or for our Euro friends, tangas, with the pouch and the rear connected only by the waistband. The pouch and the rear provide minimal coverage, but I kind of like that. If you like full rear coverage, you probably will want to take a pass at these as the fabric approaches more of a ¾ coverage of your badonkadonk.

So, now, on to the good part: the fit and feel of the low rise bikini briefs. When you put the things on, you get a feeling that something different is going on. There’s an adherence to the male anatomy that make the briefs feel like a natural extension or a second skin. No woman (no offense ladies!) could make briefs that feel so right on your body. Your boys will be your besties when you carry them around in a pair of Obviously brand underwear. They’ll hang free and natrually in a luxurious, lightweight encasement that is both comfortable and enhancing. It goes without saying that you’ll upgrade yourself in the bulge department when you slip these on.

I cannot reiterate how comfortable the fabric is. It’s paper thin and super light weight. If only all underwear could be made out of it. It does tend towards the risqué, so if you are going to be on display and in polite company, and don’t want to give away your religious affiliation, better take a pass.

In economic terms, you’ll probably take a ding buying these. They're at the upper end of the price range, but considering the construction and material and the fact that they were made in a country with a developed economy, the price is justified. If you don’t want to shell out the duckets for a pair of the sinuous line, Obviously has its original line of low rise garments in a monochromatic scheme with similar cuts and materials at a lower price point.

Otherwise, I would definitely, definitely recommend the Obviously brand, sinuous bikini brief.

OVERALL, I give the Obviously Low Rise Bikini Brief a score of 9.0 based on the following criteria:
COOL FACTOR -- 9 (out of 10) – bright vibrant color, masculine design
WEARABILITY -- 9 (out of 10) – super comfortable, one point knocked off because the rear may not offer as full of coverage as one would expect
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10) - very well made garment with great attention to detail
HOTNESS -- 10 (out of 10) – you’ll be full grown in these (wink, wink)
VALUE -- 7 (out of 10) – expensive, but considering construction, quality, and origin may be worth it to you to invest in a pair

********** 9.0


Wil said...

Glad to see you guys back! Haven't heard anything from y'all in awhile so was gettin' ready to abandon ship =(

Hope everything is goin' okay and that y'all get back into the swing of things.


UMan said...

Yes, it has been quite a while. Sorry to leave you all hanging. I've just been going through a huge cross-country move and Brief Lines has been on vacation. But we're hoping to get things back up and rolling soon. Thanks for sticking with us.

Julie said...

Green has always been my lucky colour and this leaves little to my imagination.....I can promise you x