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Friday, July 16, 2010

Underwear Answers: What to Wear Under White Pants

A question that I am often asked during the summertime is what to wear under white pants to avoid visible lines. Personally, the only white pants that I have are white jeans so it's never really an issue for me as they are not see through. Today, I was asked the question again on Formspring. If you haven't checked out my Formspring yet, it's a great place to ask me questions about everything underwear.

Below is the question along with my answer:

I have some white pants and I'm looking for some flesh-tone boxer-briefs to wear under them (I'm a white guy). Any advice where these can be found? Do they even make them?? I'm having no luck!

Sloggi Trunks from the front.
It is a common misconception that one must wear flesh/nude colored underwear with white pants. This is not necessarily required. It depends on how tight the pants/shorts are. If they aren't too transparent you can get away with wearing other things.

Jameswinston Co. used to make some great flesh colored underwear, unfortunately the company is no longer in business so I'm not sure what their selection will be like. You might be able to find some remainders at other sites.

The key to underwear with white pants/shorts is actually the cut of the underwear, not the color. As long as you wear something that has a longer silhouette than the tight part of the pants (aka the butt) you should be fine. So I would recommend wearing boxerbriefs or trunks with your white pants (as you suggested). I personally tend to wear just a simple white boxerbrief (preferably with no seams on the butt). This makes it so that there are no "panty lines" since the only seams are lower on the thigh and therefore past where they are visible through the pants.

Depending on the thickness of the pants you may be able to get away with some other colors besides white. Do some experimenting (at home with a trusty mirror or friend) and see what it looks like.
Sloggi Trunks from behind.

Now if you're still set on wearing flesh colored underwear, Sloggi has a great selection of flesh colored underwear that you can find at DGU. It comes in both trunk and brief styles. The trunk is perfect for this purpose as it does not have any seams on the rear.

Also HOM makes a great flesh-colored trunk which might also be of interest to you.

As I said, however, you are not strictly limited to flesh colored underwear when wearing white pants. It really depends on the tightness of the pants and their transparency/thickness. Do some experimentation to see what works best with your white pants. Good luck!


Rob said...

I find that white underwear is usually a safer bet - as an ardent sun-tanner in the summer, I usually find that my skin is actually quite a differnet shade from most "flesh" coloured underwear anyway.

Unknown said...

Some of us enjoy seeing guys' underwear through their white pants. Let us enjoy the view :0)

UMan said...

Rob - I generally go with white underwear as well. However, like I said, really all that matters is that it is a solid, neutral color that is not too dark and is a style that covers below the tight area of the pants (thus trunks or boxerbriefs are perfect).

Brflines - that is very true. However, this answer only applies if you DON'T want brieflines, some people want them :)

Anonymous said...

It might not seem obvious but black underwear is the best thing to wear under white pants.