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Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Brand - FU e=fu8

If you think this new brand looks like some cryptic formula, well it is!  It's a formula to some hot new undies!  FU e=fu8 is a new brand that launched this June and was created by founder Fu (yes, that is his real name). 

According to Fu, e=fu8 is his own orgasmic, exclusive, trademarked formula for the pleasure principle. "Life is short; Maximize your pleasure principle."

Fu created this brand because he wanted to make undies that are made well, fun, luxurious, and stylish.  After all, he reasons, undergear should be luxury since it is the foundation to getting dressed - the first item you put on and the last item you take off.  

The current collection comes in pure white with royal blue lettering on the waistband for a nautical and streamlined look and feel.  It comes in briefs and boxerbriefs style and they are all made in Manhattan's Garment District.  More colors and cuts are coming in the near future, so stay tuned for updates on those.  In the meantime, enjoy these hot, exclusive images of Fu e=fu8 undies and check out their website

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Anonymous said...

very, very eyecatching, love the sexy sounding formula too