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Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Trend: Men's Shapewear

For a long time women have had the option to modify their body shape using their underwear. Well it was only a matter of time until this trend made it's way to men as well. Now men who are self conscious about their tummy can use their underwear to achieve that slim, toned stomach that they desire.

The first option out there comes from 2(x)ist and is known as their Form collection. 2(x)ist Form is designed to "make abs out of lovehandles". This is accomplished by extending the elastic waistband six inches above the natural waist. While it may not look incredibly stylish, the 2(x)ist does its job and can cut off up to two inches from your tummy. It comes in both brief (shown) and trunk styles in black and white (but more colors are coming soon). It's hard to tell how effective these undies are because the only photos show them on models who already have perfectly toned bodies and don't need the help that the Form collection offers. 2(x)ist Form just came out this month so the availability is limited. But you can currently get it at Skiviez for $26 and $22 for the trunk and brief respectively. Men's Underwear Store also stocks it for a slightly cheaper rate at $18 and $24 for the brief and trunk respectively.

The next two options on the market are undershirts instead of bottoms. I think this option looks better because it could look a little strange to have shapewear showing above one's pants; an undershirt is less noticeable. However, I feel like the underwear is more likely to stay in place because it is anchored at the bottom whereas an undershirt could ride up. So the effectiveness of these options remains to be seen.

The first undershirt comes from a company called RIPT Fusion. RIPT (pronounced "ripped tee") is designed by Heather Thomson who designed and created Yummie Tummie - a women's shapewear line. She saw the need for men to have shapewear as well so she designed the RIPT. The RIPT is a body-sculpting undershirt designed to support your core. It works off the same principle as compression garments like those used in athletics, the only difference is that this is designed to be worn as everyday wear and not just for sports. The RIPT has a patent-pending design that appears to use a compression panel across the midsection to help achieve the desired look. The chest and the sweep of the shirt are made of lightweight cotton that makes this perfect for wearing under any outfit - or even alone! The RIPT only comes in classic white in either crewneck or v-neck. It retails for $58 and can be purchased at RIPT's site or at RibbedTee. Once again it's hard to say just how effective this shirt is, but from the pictures it does appear to tighten the core a lot better than standard undershirts. Stay tuned for a review.

The final product is actually undershirts and underwear. It is from a fairly new company called Equmen. Although it's not exactly designed to be shapewear - it's more of a performancewear brand - it does have similar capabilities. Equmen uses both Core Technology and Helix-Mapping to achieve a supportive, body-enhancing garment. The Core Technology of the garment is basically all about getting the core aligned properly and ergonomically so that everything in the body is positioned in a comfortable manner that puts the least amount of stress on the body. It is also about temperature control of the body. The Helix-Mapping system is a little more complicated. It was designed in conjunction with physiotherapists, ergonomic consultants, and athletic engineers. Basically it is a built in compression and ventilation system. But unlike other compressionwear it targets specific areas for optimal support that works with the bodies natural systems. I know the science is a little complicated but these things have been getting rave reviews. A lot of the reviews have been saying how much more confident it makes them feel. And so maybe that is the point of this shapewear even if it doesn't alter your shape as much as you would like. Shapewear can boost your confidence which in turn leads to better posture and makes you look better. Confidence is sexy. The Equmen undershirts come in three styles: long sleeve, v-neck, and singlet. The underwear is available for pre-order in briefs, trunks and long trunks. Everything is available in four colors: blue, grey, black and white. The shirts sell for about $100 a piece and the underwear goes for about $50 a piece (they will be shipping to the US at the end of the month). Stay tuned for a review of Equmen and a more thorough brand profile.

So there you have it. The new trend on the men's underwear scene seems to be shapewear. What are your thoughts on shapewear? Would you try it?


Unknown said...

Hi. My first comment on this site.

I have a slight tummy that I feel a little self conscious about. It's nowhere near as bad as many guys I see but that doesn't mean I feel any better about it.

Regarding 2(x)ist. As you say, the models are perfectly toned and have no need to wear these briefs. I don't know if I would find these comfortable and would be worried about longevity of the waistband. I don't think they will be a success and they will probably be discontinued and in the bargain bin before long.

The Ript looks interesting although I'm not a big 'undershirt' wearer. I wouldn't pay $90 for an Equmen singlet. Tummy trimmers and various other designs for holding the stomach in have been around for a while. I don't think any really effective designs exist, apart from the good old fashioned corset.

As MUB are offering a freshpair giveaway...

I want underwear bonus

Victor C said...

I suppose if one really wanted to look slimmer, and I mean REALLY wanted to, they could spend the money on these undershirts.

Personally, I would just spend the money on a gym membership and get lasting results. haha.

Since they're on fantastically fit models, it's a little hard to tell how well they fit and what effect they achieve.

I want underwear bonus

Adam said...

Hey Guys,

First post on here. I have bought both the RIPT and the Equmen underhshirt. The RIPT was OK. Keeping me tight and held in all the soft bits. However I found that it sat too thick under my shirt and I was able to tell that I had something on.

The Equmen undershirt was a little hard to get on at first. However once on, made me look much slimmer. Furthermore it also helped me with my lower back pain by supporting the lower core.

Finally I would like to add that there is no way that I would ever purchase the 2(x)ist version. Talk about degrading. It looks like a giant nappy.

Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase.

Wil said...

I know a lot of peeps have self image issues but these seem... not worth it. I don't think they'd give you that good feeling you are looking for, but I could be wrong.

I'd try it out if it were given to me but at these prices they are a definite no. Plus, if you attract someone wearing this what do they say when you take it off?

Anyway, thats my 2 cents...

I want underwear.

UMan said...

Steve - First off, welcome to commenting! Glad you decided to share your thoughts. Good point on the longevity of the waistband. I didn't think of that. But that is a valid issue. Although, I imagine that the waistband is somewhat like the waistband of a jockstrap/athletic supporter and is therefore slightly more durable than your average band. Also good point on not being a big "undershirt wearer", that is the problem with shapewear in the form of undershirts - not everyone wears them.

Victor - It is true, these are rather on the expensive side. That's why I plan on testing them all out and letting you all know what I think so you don't have to spend the money unless it's really worth it. Although I don't know how well I will be able to judge them as I have no such body issues.

Welcome Adam! Glad you decided to share your thoughts with us. It's nice to hear from someone that has actually tried the two shirts. Based on the photos I would think that the Equmen would be slightly more effective so it's good to hear you say that. As for the 2(x)ist, I see where you're coming from on that. Although I think they look a lot better in black and in the trunk form (for some reason I put the complete opposite in the photo though).

Wil - Agreed, they are rather expensive. I would hope though that if someone is attracted to you wearing these that they would be attracted to more than just your looks and it wouldn't matter once they came off. But I guess that is rather idealistic of me. Thanks for your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I think the mens' slimming underwear styles are meant to give confidence as much as anything else. I think they will be successful. I think one of the earlier bloggers is way off his rocker, because most men are finding less and less time to get to the gym and don't want to spend the $$$$$ that a good gym membership will cost. They are too busy working, dealing with raising a family, etc. They want or need a quick fix. I think it is great that manufacturers are offering guys a choice of what to wear underneath. As far as worry about being "loved" when the underwear comes off, revealing what you really look like.....think of it as sweet revenge,how many guys out there took a girl out only to find that her great cleavage was due to a padded bra? Ha!

Maniki said...

yeah all said and done I am really glad that shapewear for men are now available. I badly need them as I feel so flat down and I will surely take your suggestion Adam. Thanks for the information

Bimbo.Boots said...

Hello All, also my first comment on the site. I'm a 30" waist and consider myself to be slender. Recently I reached 30 and since have noticed that I have a muffin top style tyre that just won't shift. Anyways here in the uk I think only the 2xist are available.... so I have limited choice (without ordering from US websites). I really feel using promotional photographs of muscled models in these slimming pants defeats the object of them. What would of made these sell would be a normal guy with a bit of a belly and show before and afters. I'm gonna take a chance anyways and buy the black trunks. I guess I let you know how I get on :)

Ciao! Mike x

UMan said...

Yes, please do keep us posted.

Vanishing Montreal said...

I don't understand the RIPT for ordering. Do you order according your current size or the size you want? I usually wear large but the measurements at the site doesn't make any sense.

UMan said...

Your current size.

ross alderdice said...

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