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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glee Guys in Undies

With the Season 3 premiere of popular TV show Glee tonight, I thought it appropriate to highlight some of the undies seen on some of the Glee guys throughout last season.  Above Artie and Finn can be seen wearing basic white boxer shorts while Mike wears tight, but rather ill-fitting grey boxerbriefs.  Although to be fair, this is the way Zizes imagines her audience in undies, so it may not be exactly what they're wearing.  Earlier in the same episode though, we see Mike sporting some stylish looking Calvin Klein's when he flashes his abs. 
Puck and Sam though are the real surprises.  Puck is sporting some rather cute Star Wars briefs (click on the images to enlarge)- too bad he holds his guitar in front the entire time.  Would love to know where he got them.  
And Sam is wearing some sort of black trunks that look like they have a sort of Western cowboy holster thing going on.  
And of course let's not forget Sam's infamous gold shorts when he plays Rocky.  
So there you have it, a round-up of the Glee guys in their undies.  And if you're a "Gleek", don't forget to tune in tonight!


Unknown said...

They are carpenter themed boxer briefs.

And the Star Wars briefs apparently were available at kmart and now may not be.

I would guess they are by the company BrieflyStated who are the ones providing Walmart and Target with their superhero themed underwear.

UMan said...

Wow Andrew, nicely found. Thanks :)