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Monday, October 31, 2011

Round-up of Halloween Deals... Act Now

In addition to International Jock's annual treat giveaway, which we posted about yesterday.  This year there's a lot of Halloween deals going on.  But act now cause a lot of them end today.  Cocksox is  having a big sale - 20% off from now through WEDNESDAY!  Use coupon code 'treat' at checkout. 

At Under Gear you can save 15% off your order using promo code U1TED at checkout.  Today is the last day for this.  Bare Necessities also has a deal ending today (extended until) tomorrow 11/1/11 - 25% off your order using promo code "FRIEND".  

Here's one I really like.  This is the Trick or Treat special from Jockstrap Central.  It's just what it sounds like, you can get a trick or a treat.  enter coupon code "treat" at checkout and they'll throw in a free jock or undies.  Or use code "trick" at checkout and you'll get 10% off your order.  Your choice.  Also ends today.

Wyzman is taking a page from IJ's book and giving away a free gift with every purchase.  Just make a purchase and you'll get something free. Ends today.

DGU is having 10% off the entire store with coupon code WOOPS10 at checkout.  Ends today. 

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