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Thursday, December 01, 2011

New Brand: is a relatively new Canadian-based site founded by Bertrand Dore.  The brand is developed around the concept of making stylish men's underwear that is affordable.  Now many brands say this, but when Undz set out on this mission they really meant it.  You can purchase a pair of Undz for just $4.99!!  That's right, I didn't forget a 1 or a 0, that's 5 bucks.  For any of you who shop underwear you know that's a great deal.  Heck, cheap brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom are about that price.  

What's the catch?  While it's only slight.  In order to purchase Undz online you have to order at least 5 pairs and pay for shipping.  But with shipping (only $5.99), five pairs only costs you about $33.  And you could easily spend that much on just one pair of designer undies.  

I've had the chance to try these out and I'm quite impressed with them.  The fabric is good quality and holds up well in the wash and the fit is nice and comfy.  I do wish that they had more colors and prints, but what they have is a great start and they're continually expanding.  Also the shipping was insanely fast: mine arrived just a day after placing my order.  I couldn't believe it. 

So if you're looking for some new undies but you think you're gonna have to go with the bargain brands at Target, take a look at Undz and try them instead. 


JayToday said...

I have a pair of the briefs that the company gave me to wear at their launch in Montreal. Honestly I've paid an extra 30$ more for underwear that didnt fit as well... SO I was ecstatic to find that they were in fact super comfy, they wash well and honestly, they look great too.

UMan said...

Good to hear from you again Jay. I agree, I was quite impressed with the quality and comfort for a so-called "bargain" pair. I've definitely tried much more expensive brands that were not nearly as nice. I hope that the brand takes-off!

Anonymous said...

I ordered, but afterwards, they wanted me to pay 10 dollars more for shipping extra, wich they did'nt mention in their chat when asked. Not really fair company. Too bad because I wanted them to try and distribute in Spain