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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Save 50% off at Baskit using The Daily Hookup

Half Off Designer Underwear and Swimwear
The Daily Hookup (Daily Deals) is a shopping site that offers discounted shopping on all sorts of brands.  The site works like many other popular sites such as Groupon, where you buy a deal for a discounted rate and then go redeem it at the other site.  The only difference here is that the site is geared towards stuff that the modern man would like. So the sales feature things like shaving gear, socks, and men's underwear.  And of course that's why I'm talking about it here.  For the next 9 days, The Daily Hookup is featuring Baskit underwear at 50% off.  The deal is $50 worth of underwear or swimwear from Baskit for only $25.  You can choose what you buy at Baskit.  The Daily Hookup requires you be a member to buy, but unlike GILT you don't need an invitation.  So just head on over and sign up and get your hookup. 

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