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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Brief Boys Review E=FU8 Pleasure X8 Cut

The Pleasure X8 Cut
FU e=fu8 Underwear

Avg. $88 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the Pleasure X8 Cut from e=fu8 Underwear, the brief that “Adam would have worn when banished from the Garden of Eden.” Stitched by hand in New York City, the Pleasure 8X Cut “feels like a perpetual caress.”

Mitchell: From a visual standpoint, this is a beautiful pair of underwear. The combination of the white fabric and the royal purple trim is a stylish contrast, and you might find people lingering on the waistband to try to read the equation.

Patton: To the eighth power indeed. They are gorgeous, and even the shape is unique. The designer calls it a cross between a low-rise brief and boyshorts, but it’s really just a very short trunk.

M: They’re definitely low-rise—possibly the most extreme low-rise article of clothing I’ve worn in a long time. If you’re looking for a pair of briefs to wear under your girlfriend’s ultra-low-rise skinny jeans, look no further.

P: That does belie some problems, however. Not the least of which being what your girlfriend doesn’t have but your boyfriend certainly does. There wasn’t a lot of room in here. I felt mashed up against myself throughout the entire day.

M: There isn’t that much pouch space is there? I think that’s just what you have to expect from a pair like this, though. You have to give up a little modesty. My pet peeve was the waistband material—the elastic was very coarse and scratchy, and I really wouldn’t have minded how low-rise these were if the waistband wasn’t riding the base of my shaft all day. I guess I expected higher quality materials from a brief with such a hefty price tag.

P: Agreed. I felt like a lot of adjusting was necessary, and this is probably why. I kept playing the “do I cover my ass or my pubes?” game. Which can be a fun game—just not at work, or when you’re at the chiropractor.

M: It’s a shame, too. I really loved the TLC that went into these. Each pair of e=fu8 is made by hand in New York. But from a production standpoint, they’re still a little rough around the edges. This pair was only worn twice and already one of the seams began to separate.

P: That is frustrating, I agree, because overall they really are sexy. Despite the lack of room—or possibly because of—they imbue an unexpected sensuality. Throughout the day I was very aware of how I felt, how others perceived me, etc. Even the non-functional fly adds to that allure—it feels like everything could just tumble out at any second, but it’s quite secure. It’s the kind of brief that makes you want to bend over and pick something off the floor.

M: Nothing wrong with that.

P: I certainly didn’t think so.

 FIT /  Average
 COMFORT /  Average
 STYLE /  Excellent
 QUALITY /  Good
 VALUE /  Poor

 BOTTOM LINE /  If you have the cash and prefer to support underwear handmade in the US, go for it.

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Anonymous said...

They look really hot, & must feel sexy based on the reviewer's comments.
I Checked out the website, everything is made in NYC, so of course it will be pricier.