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Monday, November 17, 2014

Andrew Christian Spree Brief Review

So, I have to completely honest. I just bought this pair of briefs today and could not help but put em on and write a review. I've become a very regular customer at this men's boutique here in Alberta, Canada and have been having a lot of fun with shopping and having access to a lot of different brands all under one roof. So this boutique always has a lot of Andrew Christian and for good reasons - it has a broad audience they make a lot of different color, style and fabric combos.

I first fell in love with Andrew Christian when turned 18 and went to my first adult convention where I happened upon a booth with some Andrew Christian for sale. I was immediately drawn to the thongs and had my friend help me pick out the right one. I like to think this is the point in my life where I became an underwear fanatic, this was the tipping point and as such, Andrew Christian has a really close place to my heart as the reason why I fell in love with underwear. I still compare the quality of all of my thongs to the first one I got from AC. Now, onto the review. I will be reviewing the Almost Naked Spree Brief (with Snuggle Pouch).

I want to start with the sizing first because this is the first time I have bought an extra small (26-28) from AC. I usually buy a 28-30 in most underwear because that is usually the smallest size available and the same has been true with AC until recently. I'm rather glad I did just to try out an extra small, but also because I have a small waist (about 27) and the fit of these as you can see is very low in the front. Even though I do have a small waist, my legs and butt aren't small. The leg holes are a little tighter and I can certainly feel that when I put them on at first in the morning but I don't have a problem with them being too constricting; they move with my body. You should consider buying a size bigger if you are a 28 waist to have some more leg and butt room. Of course you may not need to worry about this if you plan to wear these to be flirty and they are coming off quickly.

As for the fit, they can be summed up with tight and bright. I'm a huge fan of tight-fitting, so this really hit the mark for me. At times I did find myself adjusting the back by pulling it up onto my waist, it didn't feel too skimpy or ill-paired with my regular dress clothes though. I felt really naughty wearing something so lightweight, barely there, so low rise and flamboyant - but that's what really attracted me to these. I would be careful, however, about wearing them too long since they are such a tight fit on the legs. But as I previously mentioned, if you are aware of your size you shouldn't have to worry about that and can enjoy the tight and bright feel of these briefs.

The construction is probably the most intriguing part of these briefs and they are expertly designed. The construction is very specific and it really shows in three aspects of these briefs which are as follows:

  1. The waistline is not the typical elastic Andrew Christian logo style. Instead it is a simple single-color waistband that AC calls a crisscross band. The band dips down lower than an average brief showing some more skin in front.
  2.  The pouch is designed as (again I'm going with what AC calls it) a "snuggle pouch" which holds everything in place a little higher up and out from the body instead of tucked in. This added push up caught my attention and I did see a difference through my pants - these were doing what they were designed to do. 
  3. There is a well placed rear seam that is accents the butt and gives definition to each cheek. 
So overall, the construction is well done and some of the best I've seen.

The AC site shows some of their briefs in action on their models with a bounce test about how they fare for jiggling and moving and I have to agree from my own experience with what the videos show. There is virtually no moving/bouncing or discomfort when moving in these briefs, everything stays in place separate from the rest of the body. Even though these are not the most covering briefs, I would love to hear how these work for other guys at the gym. I haven't had a chance to wear to the gym yet but would like to see what others might think. These would actually be really fun to wear out or on stage at the bar because as AC site says, the neon colors will glow under black light. Perfect for under your white pants. ;)

The fabric is another thing to note about this brief. They come in three colors: white, royal and black. They are made in a cotton-spandex blend while the yellow is made in 100% polyester. This is done once in a while and keep in mind I am reviewing the cotton-spandex blend in blue/pink. Online this fabric does look almost velvety, and at first I was hesitant about that, but in person it is a lot softer. Both the body of the brief and the waistband are made from the same material, so it does all feel like one piece of fabric which is very comfortable down there.

My last comments about this brief is actually a con, and that is that these are a LIMITED EDITION brief and this will be the only time you can get it!! I recommend you get it while your size is still available. And one other thing, they are ~$27 on the AC website so also a little pricey but in my opinion, these are the kind of brief that you would want at least one of to try.

MY RATING: 9.6 (out of 10)
Recommended for: feeling naughty and flamboyant. 

VALUE: 8.5

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