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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


We've all seen the stereotypical bodysuit. The big bulky red things that cover your whole body and button up the front. Yes the kind that only a beer belly looks comfortable in. But that's not what I'm going to talk about in this blog. I'm going to talk about a new kind of bodysuit that Undergear has designed. These bodysuits are really sexy. They are not your typical kind. They have a scoop neck to show off your pecs. And they have a thong back. This is the new thing in underwear. Basically you get your undershirt and undershorts in one. The black one has big scoops in the side to give a tempting look of your skin. The only thing is that it would look a little odd under clothes because if your shirt lifts up there will be a really odd looking scoop of skin showing. The black ones would better to wear as a turn-on in the bedroom. The white ones however would be really nice to where under your clothes because as I said you get all your underwear in one. And the thong and the scoop are really sexy and ribbed. The only problem I could forsee with both of them is that if you sit down or something or it rides up the thong might get caught in your crack and give you a pretty nasty wedgie which would be pretty awkward to pick out. But both of these bodysuits probably look best on a good body; they're not like the big red ones that basically no one looks good in. They are very fitted one could give people a tantilizing look of your body through them. I haven't tried them but they look like a nice thing and I am tempted to buy some except for the price. The white one is currently $19.99 and the black one is $29.99. Although I guess it is pretty good considering that if you bought a thong and a scoop shirt it would cost quite a bit more. So use your judgement but this is a very new and interesting development to consider.

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