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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sock Jock

Here is a new kind of underwear. It is made by International Male or Undergear(the reason for the uncertainty is I'm unsure who makes it because both of their websites say they do and amazon gives credit to both as well) and it's called the Sock Jockstrap. This is really kind of cool because it has no straps. It just has a waistband with a jock front attached. The jock front is designed so that it stays on by slipping over your penis and the elastic keeps it in place (view little thumbnail on photo for more explanation). It is not recommended for athletics because it gives no support and would probably just fall off. This is really just a novelty and would make a nice turn-on. I think that it is a really good idea and maybe with a little tweaking would be safe for sports. The main reason that one would want to wear this is for a seamless look under clothing. In other words, it doesn't show through your clothing with underwear lines because obviously there is no back and you package makes it so there are none in the front. Need I explain anymore? I don't think so. Anyways I just thought that you might want to check out this exciting new option. It is avaliable at Amazon for $9.99.


Anonymous said...

I have this item. It is AWESOME! So comfortabel and great to wear under lighter colered swim truks!

Anonymous said...


The one sold by International Male is no longer available. I recently discovered this product was originally introduced in 1973 under the name of JOCK SOCK.

I absolutely loved this underwear..SO very sad it's no longer available.

Many other manufacturers are attempting to duplicate my opinion NONE compare.

I sure wish there was a way to lobby International Male to have them reintroduce this product. I wish I would have known they were discontinuing the product...I would have bought dozens.

They made summer in the midwest more comfortable. It gave one the feeling of wearing nothing...ONLY with support where a guy needs it.

Missing my JOCK SOCK in Indiana....

IF...anyone knows where to buy the ones sold by IM please write to me...

Hopefully someone knows where to buy these...size...L

Anonymous said...

I agree. The best, most comfortable underwaer I've ever used. I have called IM dozens of times asking about them. All they ever tell me is that the machine used to make them is broken! Yeah, riight! What a bitch! If only I had known, I too would have bought a bunch.

I'll join a lobby!

Anonymous said...

Undergear is a division of International Male

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find some thing like this..... Has any one had any luck?