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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Gap boxer-brief trunks

These are an interesting developement. They are really cool looking and have very stylish stripes. They are both the same in terms of style and fit. But the colors and cost are different. In terms of similarity they are both a trunk style boxer-brief that are fairly low rise and come up to around mid-calf. They have no fly which allows for a nice streamlined look. But it does have a pouch front to allow for the well-endowed. Also they both have a GAP logo waistband. One thing that I think is pretty cool is that these are one of the few brands of men's underwear out there that I've found that comes in sizes xs-xxl. That's a huge range. That basically means that it will fit waist sizes 26-45 or something close to that. The first picture shows the brand new style that just came out and costs $12.50 at Gap. It also comes in goldfish orange and grey (pictured is royal blue and grey). The second square-cut boxer-brief is currently sold-out at I don't know if they have it in stores or not but I hope they do because I would like to purchase a pair. This is $6.99 at gap (when in stock of course) and is shown in aloe green, but also comes in bluestone.

Daily Poll:
Do you like fly fronts or pouch fronts better? Why?


Nudle said...

Fly fronts have style, but pouch fronts feel good.

Anonymous said...

I like the pouch. Gives the boys some room to dance.

Anonymous said...

Great idea...until you are at a bar or stadium and have the beer pi$$ of a lifetime....then what. "Excuse me sir, I have to drop trou".