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Saturday, April 09, 2005

FINALly done.

Ok so I am so sorry that I have blogged in awhile. As you may know I just finished up finals and then I got preoccupied with major speech tournaments. Anyways all that had me wearing my lucky underwear for quite a few days in a row (yellow plaid boxers with a black waistband.). But I am now available to blog. I am amazed at how many visitors I have gotten in such a short time to this blog. I am proud to announce that the counter has now gotten to about 450 in just a week and that this site is now part of all major searchengines, and some not so major search engines. But I guess you probably don't care because this blog is not about searchengines. It's about underwear. So I'm going to tell you about underwear. I am just going to share some of my recent underwear experiences with you. And then I will start blogging about certain kinds of undies in the next post. Anywho the other night I was dancing, long story. But long story short the dance involved a lot of jumping up and down. Anywho I was wearing boxers (bad plan) and by the end of it I ended up with them up to my navel and giving me a huge wedgie. So just some advice. DON'T wear boxers while dancing. Another thing that I find interesting is how absolutely no one at my school seems to wear adequete support or protection while doing athletic endeavors. All they seem to wear is boxer shorts. The most I've ever seen is compression shorts. I mean seriously haven't these guys ever heard of jockstraps? Maybe they should come here to find out about them ;) Seriously thought they probably won't learn until they get really hurt. Plus it's not very nice to have it bouncing around while you're running. Oh well. But I was wondering what you've noticed at your school or in lockerrooms you've been in. So that leads to the poll of the day.

Poll of the day:
What do you notice most guys wearing, in terms of underwear, in lockerrooms you've been in?


Anonymous said...

Generally, I see a mix that breaks out by age.

Under 21: loose boxers

21-40: Boxer Briefs with a few bikini style

40-50: White briefs

50+: Bikini

I still can't figure out the inverse relationship between age and the surface are covereage of men's underwear. The only theory that I can come up with is that the older you get, the less you care about what other people think. I spend a lot of time at the gym lifting and dieting to look good physically; my wife buys me thongs and encouraged me to wear a fitted speedo at the beach on vacation. Why people spend that much time and then wear these baggy boxers and trunks that go down to their calves is beyond me.

Nudle said...

When I was growing up, I saw all the other boys wear briefs. Reading these posts, I get the impression kids and young adults today wear boxers. When I work out at athletic clubs, the young men wear boxers, the older men wear briefs, and some pretty fit older men wear bikinis and jock straps. I think as guys get older, they are less self conscious and have the confidence to wear what they look good in. While speaking with my wife on the same subject, she says the same about women. It is definitely an irony and a shame that when young people are youthful and look their best that they should be the least confident about how they look. When people get older and don't look their best anymore that they should feel the more confident about themselves.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the red American Apparel briefs? On three different occasions I have run into this phenomenon. This all on age 23-33 year old hipster types.