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Sunday, October 22, 2006

X-it Brief

I was just surfing Wyzman because they are having some great sales on DT Jocks and Ginch Gonch, and I decided to buy a few since the sales are almost over. Well I happened to notice this really amazing and unique looking brief. It is made by Gregg Homme. It is called the X-it brief. It comes in black and white. Just look at it. How amazing is it? It has "a waistband that accentuates your lower abdominal area for a bold and original look that’s X-citing, X-traordinary and X-tremely breathtaking! Made with bamboo fabric, one of the most innovative exercises in sheer comfort. X-perience it today! Made from 64% bamboo, 28% cotton, and 8% spandex." How amazing does that sound? I did not buy one, but I think I may have to in the near future. It costs 27.99 USD and can be found here. I just really love that waistband. It is so sexy. If anyone tries this out and wants to write a review just let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Dear underwear guy,

I seem to be having a problem finding nice underwear that is priced reasonably. I really like the Ausiebum Freedom Boxer and the N2N BT7. The think is they are too expensive for a college student. Do you know of some other alternatives to these styles that are affordable.

Anonymous said...

Yes you can find nice, affordable underwear at a college student budget. But you will have to compromise the exact things you want. Not all the designers go on sale. But my tip is to check online sites such as and all the other major ones listed in the sidebar. I do know that Unico is having a 25% off sale going on right now. I just ordered 3 pairs of nice Unico underwear for about $30 for all. I know that's still expensive, but the only cheap option is generics (and those are cheap for a reason). Good luck. I will try to write a post about this soon. Also it might be a good idea for a new feature to have current sales listed in the sidebar.