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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Aussiebum is giving away cash!

Aussiebum, renowned Austrailian underwear manufacturer, is having a special going on where you can play an online video game called "Riding the Ram" (go to their home page and click on game at the top) and when credit to their online store. It is a pretty easy game to play and it is really easy to win $3AU ($2 US). And you can win up to $8AU ($6US) off your next purchase. You have to get 80,000 points to get $3AU, 150,000 points to get $5AU, and 250,000 points to $8AU. Good luck on the game and don't fall off the ram. It is a pretty fun game and you are inspired to keep playing by the cowboy (that is your character) wearing only his AussieBum briefs that you could win if you do well in the game. The only problem is you can only use one discount code at checkout so you cannot get anything for free. But it is still a cool idea. The contest ends the 31 of October (2006).

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Anonymous said...

Good to see UMan back working on the board. Life doesn't stand still in the underwear world. Check out this company now! :- Great colours , quality fabric and different looks to anything currently out there- and yeah,I already wear 'em!