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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brand Alert: Schultz

Schultz is a really cool brand that I for some reason have just not gotten around to telling you about. Schultz is a jean and underwear brand. Now usually I don't talk about the other things that a brand makes, but these jeans actually are really related to underwear. Here's the deal. Schultz jeans have a special feature called a Schultz Strap. This strap holds your jeans in place no matter how low you have them on your hips, so you can show off as much or as little of your underwear as you want. In fact, the Schultz strap is designed so that you could even walk around with your fly completely open without your pants falling down. How does it work? Well, it is a strap about the width of a belt that attaches to buttons in the inside front of your jeans. You adjust the strap like you would a belt to hold the jeans in place. Still confused? Check out this video to see it in action. This really is a revolutionary concept in showing off your underwear in public. Before Schultz, most guys who wanted to show off their undies let their pants "sag" in the back, but now you can show off your undies in the front as well. In addition to the jeans, Schultz also makes fun underwear with cute slogans on the waistband such as "I Want Out", "Hands Free", and "Coming Soon". The underwear comes in brief and boxerbrief styles in fun, bold colors. If you want to see more of Schultz in action, check out their YouTube channel. Schultz is innovation in the men's fashion world and it is guaranteed to make heads turn your way. Also, Schultz is now available at DGU.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! If only the dollar were stronger against the pound. But these are on my wish list for sure.