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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stonemen: coming soon..

I told you about the Stonemen brand a while back. Now I have a little more info and an image to share with you. Stonemen is all about graphic prints on underwear (shown, horse print). When they first go online they will have 7 hipster briefs available immediately. Then there will be another 5 pairs, and 6 pairs of boxerbriefs in June. And if all goes well thermals, boxers, and socks are planned for later. So be on the look-out for this exciting new brand. We'll keep you posted here at MUB.


Unknown said...

their site is dead! what happened?

UMan said...

Chris, I just looked at their site. It appears to be the same thing it has been for a while, it's not dead, it's just not up yet.

Unknown said...

After a few days it looks like at least the splash page i back. For a few days it was just showing a page not found error. Hopefully, they start selling soon because the horse print is too cute!