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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unzipped: Everyday Underwear

Hey guys! Its Chandler here. Today I'm here to talk about "Everyday Underwear." I mean the kind that is affordable and the kind that you have a drawer full of. For me I keep it simple. If you were to come up to me on most any given day and ask me what I'm wearing, there is a good chance I would say one of the following. Either the Elance bikini from Jockey, or the C9 white cotton trunks. You may ask why I stick with these two. I love the Elance because it is very thin, very small, and very comfortable. They come in a three pack which is great and can be found at most any department store. I think I normally pay $17.00 for the pack. Be on the lookout for a review for the Elance in the next few weeks. On to the C9's I love these trunks because not only do they look great, they've held their shape perfectly with a years worth of washing. Mine are white and have a wrapped waist band which gives them a great clean look. They are fly-less which to some is a downside, but you quickly get accustom to it, so it really isn't that bad. I got my trunks at Target, they come in a two pack and sell for around 9 dollars. So now that you know what I'm most often found wearing. What do you all wear? Do you change it up daily or like me do you have your regulars and save the rest for special occasions? Let me know, I always love to hear your feedback.

--By the way, for those of you who don't know what I look like, that is me in the pictures.--


Anonymous said...

Good advice (and great pics!). I tend to go slightly higher end for everyday underwear because it holds up a little longer. My go-to favorites are CK Body hip briefs or C-IN2 low no show briefs. They're cheap for expensive underwear.

noene said...

I wear differently daily, but I like thong more than others.

I get to say that thong makes you feel so sexy, ever!

Anonymous said...

hey there chandler, personally i believe in daily change of type, one day fashion jockstrap the next c-in-2 briefs the next cks,though throngs are a no no!!
i have approx 45 'undergarments' no 2 the same!
keep up the good blogging work,regards duke.

Bradmo said...

Damn, stud. Very hot. :)

cedarpointfan said...

I definitely like to change it up every day.

Chandler said...

Thanks guys for the great comments! I agree it is important to change it up, and I'll admit when it comes to special occasions you will find me in my favorite jocks. But for everyday I love my regulars. Hey Jonny, I feel you on the upper end, I too enjoy the feel of brands like Burberry and Aussiebum, if you have yet to try them, the time is right to get yourself a pair...

Thanks for the photo comments, expect to see more of me and my undies in the future.

And of course keep up the great comments. I always love to hear your feedback.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the blog!

I prefer CK boxer briefs or trunks for the everyday. I agree with Johnny that the slightly higher end brands hold up to the continued wear better.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the user submitted pics? I wanna see these guys in their favorite pairs... please?

Anonymous said...

like your piksss!!!

dudee I like CK trunks... for everyday
but I do have some special for special occasions :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chandler, what's interesting is you like briefs and boxer briefs. Most guys go for one or the other. I've tried boxer briefs or trunks and don't like em. They ride up and bunch round the crotch and have to be pulled down to keep their appearance. Also what's worse is they wedge in your arse as unlike briefs there's no elasticised shaping up around the curves of your bum/legs to hold the fabric taut. I reckon most guys prefer the comfort of briefs but wear trunks by default as "that's what everyone wears now". Briefs are seen as uncool. Trunks get all the press. They are universally the most promoted. Check out any chain store catalogue and you'll see the underwear models invariably wearing trunks. Briefs hardly get a look in. Man how things have changed. When I was at high school twenty years ago virtually everyone wore briefs,and bikini briefs at that! That was the cool underwear then. If you wore Y fronts or boxers you were considered to be wearing "grandad" undies. The power of marketing and the herd mentality have changed that. Trunks can look "hot" if they're cut short, are worn pretty tight and are made from something synthetic. Good for a special occassion but give me briefs for everyday comfort. I like something relatively low rise but cut moderately high in the leg with a full back and a shape that has some sex appeal.

Chandler said...

Very good insight Rico. I think my next review will be right up your alley. Jockey and 2(x)ist have some string bikinis that I love and I think you would too. I get them in black (can you get any more sex appeal than that?) They are cut high, have full coverage and fit perfectly. But I hear you on the boxer briefs, I like mine tight and short. Jockey has some trunks that stop right below the butt and have a wide elastic band at the bottom to keep the legs in place. I wear them alot, and they hold up really well.

Thanks for the comment.