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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Stonemen Styles Released

One of our favorite brands at MUB Stonemen has just launched some new designs that promise to be better than ever.  While walking around Byron Bay in Australia, the folks at Stonemen ran across a guy who airbrushes surf boards.  They commissioned him to paint up some new beach-inspired prints for the Stonemen collection.  He came up with two great new designs - one a red sunset, and the other an ocean theme with hibiscus flowers.  These prints are special though, unlike most underwear with patterns, these prints wrap all the way around the undies in a continuous print with no breaks.  It's really quite fantastic looking.  The print is done using water-based ink (instead of plastic, as is done with most underwear), so the fabric breathes better and feels smoother.  The fabric weight is also a little lighter than previous Stonemen styles, which was my primary complaint before.  All in all these promise to be great pairs of undies.  So whether you're celebrating summer at the beach Down Under, or are in a winter in a colder climate - these undies will give you the perfect beach look to help you stay warm.  I have a couple pairs to try and so far they look great, so stay tuned for my review.  But in the meantime, Stonemen would like you to try out these undies for 10% off using an exclusive MUB coupon code "MUBTEN".  


Lenny said...

I love these undies ! I think all men should be in these when you rip his pants down and ride the big kahuna !

Robbie said...

Surfs up! Loving them, getting them!


Yay, a pair of underwear for men that I find sexy. I bought a pair for my boyfriend and every time he puts them on I am guaranteed to rip them off - such a turn on!