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Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Favorite Day Contest Winners!

The aussieBum My Favorite Day Contest winners have been chosen and notified.  Winners should be receiving their prizes shortly if they haven't already.  For those of you who are wondering, here are the winners.  We will be posting the winning entries gradually over the next week or so. Today is Eric K.'s winning entry.  He's from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is sporting an N2N thong.  It is his favorite pair because "it is sooo comfortable AND sexy.  I am always just a little bit turned on when wearing them because they are so skimpy and if anyone actually knew what I was wearing under my clothes they would be shocked."

Here's the complete list of winners:
  • Armando C. from California
  • Arturo O. from San Antonia, Texas (shown here)
  • Todd H. from Indianapolis, Indiana (shown here)
  • Dereck R. from New Jersey (shown here)
  • Trevor K. from Ontario, Canada (shown here)
  • Eric K. from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (shown above)
Congratulations guys!  You deserved it!  And for those of you who didn't win or forgot to enter, don't worry.  We have a couple great contests coming up for you later this month and next so be on the look out for those!

EDIT 11/25/10: Here's Eric K. in the aussieBum's he won.


Armando said...

I am diggin' the Aussie Bum underwear! They are comfortable and have a nice look to them!

Eric K said...

I also received my pair, last Friday. And the day of the week on the underwear was FRIDAY! I love them, very soft and comfortable.