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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Winning Entry

Today I'd like to share with you Todd H.'s winning entry from the aussieBum My Favorite Day Contest.  He's from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Here's what he says about why it's his favorite pair:  "This pair is my favorite because of the bright and contrasting colors.  Think it gives a nice broader look to my small frame and goes well with my skin complexion.  Not only are they comfortable but they fit nicely in all the right areas.  Plus, it is one of many different brands that I own people have said they liked the best on me so far." 

So without any further ado, here's Todd in his bright orange Baskit brand briefs:

And in case you're interested, here he is sporting the pair from aussieBum that he won:  


c.f. said...

I appreciate the follow up pictures

Anonymous said...

i like actual pics of real guys in thier undies, not just models all the time.

Anonymous said...

when i see the winning pics and the competition conditions i actually can't see any connection...for the rest it's nice ;)

UMan said...

Actually anonymous this does meet the competition conditions. They were expanded to include your favorite pair. And as Todd states, this is his favorite pair.