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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy No Pants Day

Today January 9, 2011 is no pants day in several cities across the country! Here’s a quick look at a few of the festivities going on today:

First off in San Francisco. The main festivities will take place on public transportation and there’s a group you can join so you don’t have to ride bare legged solo. To join the group meet at Powell Station at 2:10pm in San Francisco. It should be a great chance to meet fellow underwear enthusiasts and a large group of fun folks!

Today is also no pants day in New York! There are 6 meeting point in New York; Hoyt Playground in Astoria, the Old Stone House in Brooklyn, Foley Square Manhattan, the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows park Queens, the Great Hill in Central Park and Bushwick Park in Williamsburg. The groups will gather at 3:00pm sharp and begin the ride through the MTA, going until about 5:30. Take a backpack, to store your pants, and a metro card to ride the rail. Have a blast guys!

YES! It’s No Pants Day in Phoenix Arizona too! Like the others it’s all about public transport, here it’s the light rail. Meet the group at 2:00pm at one of three locations; Montebello and 19th Ave, Central and Roosevelt, or Sycamore and Main. They also have some fun festivities planned later as well.

Other cities having no pants day include Austin, Boise, and Boston. It looks like there’s a great trend growing. Yet for those of us not in one of these cities there is no need to be too jealous or feel left out. According to the official no pants day is the first Friday in May and the underwear dress code goes beyond public transport making it the most casual of all casual Fridays. It may be time to start planning an event in your community. NO PANTS FRIDAY MAY 6TH!


Unknown said...

México participate too

Dr. NutHut said...

I found out today over 50 cities around the world are involved in this! check out this site: