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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doreanse - Now available in the USA

Since adding Doreanse from Turkey a few weeks ago, the owners of men’s underwear e-commerce website have been impressed with their customer response.

Ribbon Boxer.
“We are extremely excited about Doreanse,” said one owner. “In the very short period since Doreanse was introduced, customers have already reordered items. They are buying different styles depending on their tastes; Doreanse offers everything from comfortable to sexier styles. Although everything has been popular, I would say the boxers in their Swift line is the best-selling style, followed by the Swift trunks and shirts. The brand’s sport shirts, which come with matching boxers and briefs, have also been very well-received.”

Doreanse is unique in producing silhouettes made from a cotton/Modal blend at an accessible price range of $9 to $20. “This is a very low price point for Modal fabric; men’s underwear made from it usually runs $18 to $30,” he said. “Customers are getting a very soft, very breathable fabric made from natural fibers. Another unique aspect of the brand is they make a lot of bikini styles with thinner waistbands than the classic men’s waistband, resulting in very comfortable garments.” 

Jungle Brief.
Doreanse trunks, boxers and thongs run in sizes S through XL, which are “true to American sizes.” Although is the first retailer to offer Doreanse in the United States, the 11-year-old brand is already well known, very popular, and in high demand all over Europe and beyond, and can be found in stores in France, England, Australia, and many other countries. 

Doreanse really does give you your money's worth.  Their name combines the French words "dore" and "anse", literally meaning "golden bay".  What I really like about this brand is they combine sexy with comfy.  While they have a lot of fun, low-rise, low-coverage styles, they are still comfortable thanks to the modal fabric.  I personally really love the Jungle brief.  And at an average of $11 these undies are completely affordable.  Stay tuned for a review. 

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