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Friday, March 25, 2011

Grundies Muscle Trunk - Just $9.95

Grundies is now offering an exceptional deal on their muscle trunk.  They are now retailing for just $9.95 as an everyday low price.  This low price includes free shipping to anywhere in the world!  The muscle trunk is what I would describe as a more full coverage trunk or boxerbrief fit.  These undies have a soft silky feel and they hug your butt in a very comfy way.  These are a great bet for all sorts of activities and at this price they're definitely worth having a couple pairs.  They come in black and white with either contrast stitching (yellow, red, or white) on the black or just plain black or white for a total of five different color combinations.  While they are a fairly basic pair of trunks, the contrast stitching is in a unique pattern lending them a modern, stylish feel.  And if you buy more than three you will save 20% off your entire purchase, so it's really a great deal.  And like I said, there are five different options so it's not like you'll have three of the exact same thing.  This is definitely worth checking out.  

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