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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Underwear of the Month at MUS: CK One + Mini-Review

Men's Underwear Store has what they call the Underwear of the Month program.  The program works like this, basically each month, MUS will select and feature a specific brand and style of undies that they think consumers will enjoy and should know about. These selections also aim to bring attention to some of the lesser known or less talked about styles of mens underwear. The goal is to let men know about the many options they have when shopping for underwear and to make them feel comfortable and at their best.  This month's selection is the CK One low-rise trunk.  The CK One collection is a brand new collection from Calvin Klein.  The trunkscome in white, slate (gray), and black and retail for $24.  There is also a brief style if that's more your thing.  They are made of super soft microfiber and designed to complement the CK brand line of jeans and fragrances.  I can't quite say whether it does that or not, but what I can tell you is I got the opportunity to try these trunks out and they are surprisingly soft and comfy.  CK is often a mixed bag when it comes to undies, sometimes they really hit it and sometimes they miss.  But with the One collection they've hit the mark spot on.  The fabric has a smooth, silky feeling and is super light and airy.  They would be perfect to wear under your summer shorts on a hot day or to the gym to workout.  They keep you covered and supported but not too hot and sweaty.  Also, the cut of these is very minimal.  At a glance it appears to be a fairly normal cut, but upon closer inspection you realize that there isn't much coverage.  This is fine though and adds to the overall lightness of the trunk.  The rise is very low and the legs are quite short.  There is very little fabric across the perineum.  I personally find the minimal coverage of these trunks quite sexy and part of their appeal.  I wish I had one in every color!  So for $24 bucks these could be a great new addition to your collection.  In my mini-review I give these 4/5. 

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