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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Post: How My Obsession Started

Today I'm pleased to introduce to you a new guest poster Matty.  You may be familiar with his Twitter @techiematty.  Matty is a 20 year old, gay college boy who's super into his undies!  He's always posting photos of him in his undies on his Twitpic, so many in fact that his account got suspended yesterday :(  Anyway, today he is guest posting about his obsession and how it got started.  If you like what you see/read he may become a permanent member of the site, so please let us know what you think! 

Hey fellow underwear lovers!!! My name is Matty and I would love to tell you about my obsession with undies! It all started in the locker room in high school. Back then I wore tighty whities and I would be the first one in there to change. But funny thing was, I was always the last one to leave that locker room. I loved looking around at all the undies that the other boys had on. I wanted a choice of colors in the mornings, not just my white undies. Once I finally started working and having money, my underwear obsession began!

I first started getting American Eagle trunks since the other boys would wear those. I got so many fun colors and I loved the simple fit of them. Then my freshman year of college and I finally lived away from home. I could buy all the undies I wanted online! I started getting Ausssiebum, Andrew Christian, C-in2, 2(x)ist and so many others. I am now in my sophomore year in college. I am only 20 and I already have a giant drawer filled with underwear! 

Trunks, briefs and jocks are all I have so far. As the year goes on I plan on trying all different kinds of undies. I love to show off my undies every day on twitter. I just take a picture of them right after I get out of the shower! So be sure to follow my twitter (@techiematty). I'm just a little twink who loves his undies. 

I want to know, what started your obsession with undies? Because we all know it had to start somewhere!!


Anonymous said...

I identify with this poster SO much. I love undies as well. @twinkundies is my twitter. TechieMatty inspired me so much I'm doing a twink undies post of the day now as well.

UMan said...

Fun Joe. Glad we could inspire you, I'll be sure to follow your Twitter. And be sure to follow us at @umanmub. Would you be interested in guest posting on here? Send me an email.

Anonymous said...

Twitter says the user can't be found :(

UMan said...

Yes, unfortunately Matty has since deleted his Twitter...