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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas Underwear Conundrum

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to UMan that I thought it would be cool for the staff of the blog to submit a picture of pieces of their underwear collection hung upon their Christmas tree. Apparently he thought I was joking, because when I sent the picture to him, he said, "Haha wow. You did do it! Post please!" So here I am, posting the picture of my "Underwear Tree" for your enjoyment. (I apologize for the picture not being the best quality. My good camera is out of commission, so my iPhone camera has to suffice for now). 

"The undies were hung on the tree with great care."

And in keeping with the Christmas theme, I would like to discuss the Christmas underwear gifting concept. We are, after all, in the season of giving. I, for one, find underwear gifting to be a very intimate situation. I wouldn't buy underwear for just anyone. Nor would I accept underwear from just anyone. It is highly likely that my association of underwear being an intimate is because it's one of the last things that separates us from being in our most vulnerable state. I mean, if I'm in a state of dress in anything less than my undies (naked), then I really trust the person who is with me. Not to mention, very few people even get to see me in my underwear, especially my more exotic pairs (the bikinis, jocks, and thongs, of course). 

For most of my life, my grandmother has given all of us underwear for Christmas. Normally, they are those tacky seasonal boxers from Old Navy or someplace similar. Now, I side with UMan on the boxers situation - I find them tacky and completely atrocious and furthermore will not wear them. Needless to say, my grandmother giving me the holiday boxers is far from the intimate underwear exchange that I have in my mind. So this year, I told her, "Please don't give me underwear this year. I'm way to picky with my underwear." 

Were I to do an underwear exchange, I would hope it would be with one of two groups: either a bud with whom I have shared the fact that I have an underwear obsession or a significant other in which case the underwear exchange could turn into something even more intimate and exciting. 

So what say you? What are the readers' perspectives on the underwear gifting conundrum? Also, feel free to post pictures of your "Underwear Trees." Oh, and if anyone cares to send me a Christmas underwear package, I like anything other than boxers ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about giving to a significant other or a close friend who you've shared your obsession with. Keep in mind, though, that these people might be just as picky about what they wear so they might not appreciate it as much as you hope.