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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Not Your Grandpa's Long Johns

From left: Timoteo, Nasty Pig, 2(x)ist. 

With the snow falling down hard outside my window this morning, I thought what better day to pull out the long johns.  Long johns have really come a long way from what they used to be.  They're no longer the fugly, thermal white things that you're grandpa used to wear.  The long johns of today are stylish and you'll want to wear them.  They're form fitting and sleek, but still keep you warm thanks to performance fabrics.  So today I thought why not do a quick round up of some great long johns on the market this season.  Here they are:

  • The Timoteo Sport 2.0 - comes in blue, white, and black.  This form fitting style has contrast stitching and pouch for an added flair.  They're sure to keep you warm as well as show off your assets with a rear seam and pouch stitching.  $36
  • Nasty Pig - comes in red, black, and white.  These are a looser fit that is a throw-back to the older styles, but still style conscious and forward.  They have a snap fly for style (it doesn't open) that sure looks sexy and intriguing.  $39 at Jockstrap Central.  
  • 2(x)ist Tartan long john - comes in black, white, and red.  This low-rise long john has a tailored fit down through the ankles, perfect to wear under your skinny jeans.  They have some style with the tartan waistband.  Functioning on pouch fly.  Normally $34, currently on sale for $25.50 from 2(x)ist.  

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Anonymous said...

I wear these with my cock sticking out of the fly. It stays erect for ages when I spot a fit well hung guy.