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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brief Boys Review TBJON Thong

Avg. $15 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton brave the thong from TBJON, whose garments “enhance and accentuate the male form.”

Patton: Call me cynical, but I think by “enhance and accentuate” they mean “ignore the existence of.”

Mitchell: I think you’re being a little unfair. They don’t ignore the existence of the male form, per se – just what goes in the pouch.

P: Fair enough. But that seems like a major oversight to me, since most consumers of men’s underwear would need to take advantage of a pouch, and this one isn’t much more than a teency triangle of fabric. A very nice fabric, by the way, but not quite enough of it.

M: It does need a little more stretch, or a different design with more adequate space. You’re right, though – it’s a very luxurious fabric. Though the grid texture can be a bit rough if you’re not used to wearing a thong and you have sensitive skin. Overall, though, once I squeezed myself into it, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed wearing it.

P: I’m surprised, too. I couldn’t handle it at all.

M: I’m not so sure it’s all about the front end, anyway. I get the impression that, while this is a Canadian company, it’s targeted more so at the California bodybuilding crowd, where it’s not so much about showing off your package as it is about showing off your muscles.

P: And that it does, but I’d prefer to do both. I guess I’m still on the lookout for a comfortable thong.

 FIT /  Poor
 COMFORT /  Average
 STYLE /  Good
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Average

 BOTTOM LINE /  A well-made thong for guys who want a tighter fit.

NOTE FROM UMan - In my experience with TBJON thongs, some fabrics are stretchier than others.  The fabric the Brief Boys tried isn't super stretchy, but other fabrics such as this one are.  

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