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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brief Boys Review Big Boys Boxer Brief

Boxer Brief
Big Boys
Avg. $22 US

Brief Boys Mitchell and Patton review the standard boxer brief from Big Boys, which “conforms to your shape and gives you all the support you need.”

Patton: Let’s start with the obvious. Did they conform to your shape?

Mitchell: I think these would conform to a wide variety of shapes. Thanks to the, let’s say, spacious pouch design, there’s plenty of room, big boy or not. Normally, I don’t find boxer briefs very supportive, but these surprised me. They’re as comfortable as a brief.

P: Agreed. Consumers will be surprised at just how much you can stuff into these things, and yet have them remain comfortable. I think the fabric goes a long way in this, too, as it’s stretchy yet incredibly soft. I’m not big on boxer briefs, either, since they can sometimes feel like pantyhose, but these aren’t suffocating at all, nor do they ride up as the day goes on.

M: I noticed that, too. And there’s not super tight elastic in the legs, either. It was nice not to feel like my legs were losing circulation. And when do you wear pantyhose?

P: The one thing I will say about the pouch, though – and this is just a personal thing – is that it’s more or less an erection generator. There’s a lot more movement, during the day, and it’s a lot harder, if you’ll excuse the pun, to ignore what’s going on down there.

M: Well, I enjoyed the extra freedom, and didn’t encounter any distractions. Though if you’re undressing with an audience, be aware that the fabric is a little see-through. For the more bashful, I’d suggest one of the darker colors.

P: I’m fine with see-through fabric, but when you combine it with that weird crease on the pouch, suddenly it’s not so sexy.

M: Yeah, I’m not sure what’s up with that. It makes you look a little pointy.

P: Seems like it could be a simple fix, too. Either way, this is definitely not a family friendly, or even roommate friendly, pair of underwear. Not much is left to the imagination.

M: Still, though, it’s a simple defect in an otherwise comfortable, flattering pair of underwear that brings out the shower in us all.

P: And the grower, apparently.

 FIT /  Excellent
 COMFORT /  Excellent
 STYLE /  Good
 QUALITY /  Excellent
 VALUE /  Excellent

 BOTTOM LINE /  The perfect choice for guys looking for extra space.

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