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Monday, November 04, 2013

Get Ready for Winter with a Union Suit!

Jockstrap Central has just announced that they have some new union suits from Nasty Pig in stock! While it's not quite cold enough yet for these sexy things, winter will come upon us before you know it. So go stock up now while they're still available!  My favorite part of these suits is that they unbutton all the way down the front, through the crotch and up to the back.  So you can unbutton (and access) various parts without taking the whole thing off!

And seriously boys, these things are sexy are they not?  I'm not usually one for union suits to be honest, but I just want to wear these ones every day this winter!  These union suits are modernized with a tight, sexy fit.  Part of it too is probably these sexy photos from Jockstrap Central featuring hot model Adam Stray. There are some uber sexy (and revealing) pics from this shoot.  Click on the images for the uncensored version! This sexy suit comes in red and black and retails for $109.00 on Jockstrap Central. Though it is rather expensive, I bet you'll get a lot of wear (and fun) out of them.

Click for uncensored version (NSFW)

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