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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Banana Boxers

Yes I know most of you think that boxers are really boring but I think that these boxers may take the boredom out of the boxers for you. These are a fun and funky kind of boxers from Intimo. These boxers are pretty cool. They have a slit in the front instead of a fly and so you get a nice seamless look. Also as you can see they just have a banana peel printed on them so when you stick your dick through the fly it looks like the banana! I think that they're pretty cool. They just are really hilarious. They have a lot of comic relief. Imagine. You'd be laughing every time you take a piss. This particular style with the banana is no longer available on Intimo's site but there are many other one's that are this same style with just a different print.

Today's Poll:
What is your favorite material for your underwear (Guys only)?


Anonymous said...

cotton. the fabric of our lives.

Nudle said...