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Monday, May 16, 2005

Bodysuits caught my eye.

Torrent here, with the first official post about underwear. Today, I'm reaching way back into Blue's archives and talking about bodysuits.

Blue said,
The only problem I could forsee with both of them is that if you sit down or something or it rides up the thong might get caught in your crack and give you a pretty nasty wedgie which would be pretty awkward to pick out.

Well, Blue, thongs are SUPPOSED to give you a pretty nasty wedgie. If the material isn't wedged up in there pretty good, it wouldn't be a good thong!

Here's a (blue) bodysuit that might work out better. I think I'd be more inclined to actually wear this around the house or sleep in than the thong bodysuit as I doubt a bodysuit gets too twisted like a t-shirt can.
I totally underw..sry understand where you are coming from. But I personally don't like wandering around all day with a wedgie, that's why I wrote that caution. I totally understand that that is the point of thongs but they can still ride up and make an even larger, and uncomfortable, wedgie. Hope that explains it.


Tyler said...

Check out for men's bodysuits. They have full-bottom and thong styles. Very comfy!

Anonymous said...

Thong bodysuits are great. My favorite is the muscle tanker suit from I can wear it all day or sleep.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where I can find a cotton one with boxer brief style legs n short sleeves? I have a pic of it and have searched everywhere

Anonymous said...

simply look on ebay... If you can't find it (search for bodysuit men) try and do a search for 'männer body'.. E.