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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ginch Gonch

Hey, I've mentioned this before but I'm gonna mention it again. I have noticed that there seems to be an increasing popularity in older guys wearing boys briefs. I don't know maybe they want to keep in touch with their childhood by wearing their favorite cartoon or character briefs. Whatever their reasoning the fact still remains, although we may want to do something we may grow. Yes I do mean what i said. You probably have grown since the time when you were wearing cartoon briefs and thus probably won't fit in boys briefs, unless of course you are small or like wearing really tight undies. But don't worry because now there is a company that makes fun undies for men. The company is called Ginch Gonch. Pictured are some fun briefs. They call them their firetruck briefs and put a racy description to them "Every man comes equipped with a hose. Tame the flame with fire trucks". I think it's pretty funny. Visit their site. Caution the flash site has some nudity. So now for all you guys out their who want to get in touch with your childhood through your undies now is your chance. Check out Ginch Gonch, but beware of sticker-shock (27 bucks a brief)!

Poll of the Day:
What do you think of Torrent and I joining together to blog?


Anonymous said...

Power to the bloggers! So yes, good to join up - keeps it interesting.

Nudle said...

I have a pair of these. They are very cool and totally nuudle!