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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Believe it or not... Hanes are actually decent again!

I'm a "dept. store" kind of guy. I buy all my clothes at local retailers. Which means that I sometimes have to go as far as 10 miles to get to nearest Kohls so I can get a pack of Jockey underwear. So I thought, for a change, I would buy some Hanes fashion boxer-briefs.

If you've ever worn Hanes before, you probably thought they were just crap. And they used to be, with their briefs stretching out so far that you'd be able to wear them if you gained 50 pounds. Let me tell you, these are much, much better.

Since I'm technically challenged, here's how to get to the picture of the underwear I am talking about. Go to, then click on Men, then Underwear. Scroll down a ways, and you'll see Hanes Ribbed Boxer Briefs.

Now I don't really care much for the "ribbed" style, but that doesn't bother me much.

You can get a pack of four of these for about $8-$10. They are very comfortable to lounge around in, or whatever you're doing.

Some other Hanes products I've tried include their low-rise and bikini briefs. The low-rise are only different because they dont form an upside down U on both sides, they just kind of diagonally rise up and then there's the back side. The low-rise are a bit too tight and your stuff gets no room at all. But then again I have a 31 waist, and I bought these at 28-30's because at that time I was borderline 30-31. The bikini briefs are, if anything else, more comfortable and revealing. In my opinion, I wouldn't want to be wearing Hanes bikini briefs... there are better brands out there.

So there you have it, Hanes is back and actually doing a decent job!

Question: Do you walk around your house in your underwear? What kind of underwear, and do you wear anything else with it (such as a t-shirt)?


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I've got an odd answer for you but I'm an odd guy! I walk around the house in boxers, but it's the only time I wear boxers. During the day I wear small, colorful underwear (briefs, bikini, and thongs). Call me what you want, but the smaller and more colorful the underwear the better!


Nudle said...

With just me alone with my wife, I usually walk, lounge, and otherwise hang around the house in the buff. Sometimes I'll strut around in my latest colorful undies to show off. I will wear interesting sets together too (tops and bottoms), however nothing that looks like your traditional white Hanes.

If friends stay over-night, I will wear PJs and sometimes with a tank top or V-neck tee. Even those have to be cool and fashionable.

Here's another poll, do you iron your boxer shorts?

Anonymous said...

I wear colored Hanes briefs and I like them. After wearing boxers for a few years, I like the comfort and colors (I never wore colored briefs before). I will not wear boxers again.

Anonymous said...

I've worn many different brands. But, the new Hanes really are nice. I prefer the briefs...both whites and colors. They fit and feel very comfortable and show off just enough to bring on that 'second look.' I love to walk around the house in my briefs and will even answer the door in them sometimes.